Transition Ferndale will have its first regular meeting Friday, February 4, 6:30 to 9:30 at the Drayton Avenue Presbyterian Church, 2441 Pinecrest Drive, Ferndale. (See for more information on the location.) We’ll have coffee available. If everyone brings food to pass, it will be appreciated. The first hour will be for eating and making introductions, followed by a more formal meeting.

We will be talking about ways to support local food production (permaculture, community gardening, community supported agriculture); local energy-saving projects (ride sharing, home insulation, bicycle culture); and strengthen the local community (time banking, preparing for energy shortages, and generally getting acquainted with our neighbors).

The idea of this organization is to be focused on constructive local responses to big-picture issues we are concerned about – peak oil, climate change and an unreliable economy. These together require transition to a society that has much less energy available, whether we are ready for that or not – but it is better to be ready as much as possible. We will not be making a pitch to save the whales, preserve the rain forest or end the wars for oil. These are all great goals, and there are already numerous organizations dedicated to these goals. This organization is all about local transition. You can download “The Transition Primer” from: to see where we are headed.

We expect be having regular public meetings (a video or speaker, followed by questions and comments) to discuss the big-picture issues. If the Ferndale Library had not flooded over Thanksgiving, we would have had the first public meeting already. We may start a book club, if there is sufficient interest. But the main thing we intend to do is put time and effort into the local projects like those outlined above. If enough of the community is involved in functioning projects, then we may want to approach the city council or the school board with some ideas.

The Transition Ferndale web site is set up as a free blog at . There is not a lot of content yet, because we are just starting. There are some links in the left column you should find useful in understanding the issues and exploring the Transition Towns movement. Leave a comment, if you are inclined.

Some day soon, we hope to see a Transition Royal Oak group, and Transition Detroit (or many neighborhood groups), and even Transition Pleasant Ridge. There are no residence requirements for membership in Transition Ferndale, and we hope to include people who are part of the community from outside the city lines. Clearly, a lot of Transition Ferndale projects will take place in Ferndale, but we welcome participation from anyone interested. It’s useless to worry about boundaries between communities so intertwined and interdependent as we are. We hope the example of Transition Ferndale will encourage cooperating groups to form all around southeast Michigan.

Please RSVP to if you expect to attend. Knowing how many people are coming allows us to get the right-sized room, and to bring enough coffee.