We have a trifold leaflet to hand out at any public event. It explains the reasons for and the goals of the Transition Towns movement, and includes information about local meetings, the wordpress site, and a contact e-mail address. It was discussed at the April 7 meeting, and seems to be a satisfactory, though necessarily limited, introduction for our group.
It’s printed in three columns on both sides of a sheet of paper and should be folded along the separation between columns to make a 3-2/3″ x 8-1/2″ handout. It is, we hope, a convenient size for people to put in a pocket, rather than a flat sheet of paper that they might just throw away.

To print out one copy with a normal home printer, just print the first page. Then, without turning the paper over or around in any way, put that output sheet back into the paper feed tray as the top sheet, and print the second page. It should come out with both sides aligned so you can fold it into the three columns. If not, you may have to try again, turning the first page output so that the second page prints in correct alignment.

To print multiple copies, first print half the number of copies you want. You’ll be printing the whole document (that is, both pages), and the back side of each sheet will still be blank. Without turning the paper over or around in any way (assuming this worked on the single copy), put the stack of output sheets back into the paper feed tray, and print the second set (same number of copies of the whole document). Assuming no trouble feeding the half-printed sheets back into the printer, you’ll end up with multiple copies that can be folded to make a trifold handout.

Alternatively, you could make one copy, but don’t fold it. Take it to Kinko’s, Staples, or any other copying center that has the capability of copying onto both sides of a sheet. Let their equipment make multiple copies after the test copy comes out correctly. The color graphic on the front may come out in shades of gray if you don’t ant to pay for color printing, but the text and format should be fine.
This will be the official version for our first video presentation on the 21st. As Transition Ferndale develops, it will make sense to revise this draft, to supplement it, or to replace it entirely. Don’t make a thousand copies.

Speaking of this organization developing … at the moment, we seem to be functioning as a study and discussion group, a regional hub or organizing committee, and local community organization. The public videos are our first public event. We haven’t even met most of the people who will shape this group with their talents and skills.

I don’t think we will be close to successful until we have a couple of hundred people in Ferndale (just 1% or so of the population) participating in one way or another, and there are Transition Town organizations in Oak Park, Palmer Park, Hazel Park, Royal Oak, and so on. Just as we cannot individually succeed at transition to using less industrial energy and industrial food without creating a resilient local community, Ferndale cannot become a resilient community if it is isolated in a brittle society.

It’s not just that it’s going to take several years to create an energy descent action plan. Oh, it will take several years – and then it will take even longer to correct that plan according to the realities that develop, including some failures of the world to conform to our plan.

Transition is coming. Depletion of resources guarantees that just as it guarantees failure of the perpetual growth model for our economy. Transition will keep coming for the foreseeable future. Working out ways to adapt will accordingly keep us busy for the foreseeable future.

Click to download the pdf file:

TF trifold draft 2