Transition Ferndale will meet on Wednesday, June 20, at 7:00 pm at the Ferndale Public Library, 222 E. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale, MI.

 Jesse Tack will be speaking on Permaculture. Jesse, Travis Childs and Larry Santoyo will be conducting a Permaculture Design Course in Detroit, Michigan July 22 though August 4th, 2012. You can read the plan of the course at

 Quoting from their website:

 “Permaculture is an ecological design system for sustainability in all aspects of our lives. Permaculture teaches us how build natural homes, grow our own food, restore diminished landscapes and ecosystems, catch rainwater, build communities, take care of waste and much more.

 The philosophy within permaculture is one of working with rather than against nature, and of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than premature and thoughtless action.”

 Jesse will present the basic ideas of permaculture and take questions and comments. We’ll have some light refreshments at the meeting.

 Creating a sustainable local food supply is one of the main purposes of the Transition Towns movement. We believe this is essential because the industrial food system depends on fossil fuels which will become increasingly unaffordable and then unavailable. This will make the industrial food supply more and more unreliable in the future.

 A better way to feed ourselves is possible, if we take the trouble to learn how. Permaculture is not the only way to do backyard or community gardening, but it is certainly one way, and it is certainly worth learning about it. This meeting should be an excellent way to start, or to continue the discussion if you have already started.

 Living among the ruins of industrial society is probably not anyone’s first choice for a career. Living among the ruins was not the first choice for those living through the decline of the Roman Empire or the collapse of the USSR. As energy sources are further depleted and our industrial society continues to wind down, as it has for several decades in Detroit, we may not get better choices. If you think our current decline is only temporary, then you can think of this as only a backup plan. Either way, you can get some exercise and fresh, homegrown tomatoes out of it.

Art Myatt