Transition Voice (link on left) is having a contest in which it is possible to win a DVD of the new award-winning documentary Voices of Transition. The rules are simple: Answer, in 100 words or less, the question, “What does the transition to a fairer, post-oil economy look like for you?”

Well, I entered the following comment:

Transition happens when business as usual fails. There’s plenty of that already, with more to come. Even people who prefer lobster, asparagus, ice cream and macadamia nuts will barter for locally-grown potatoes when the gourmet grocer closes. Transitioning individuals and transition towns develop alternative sources of food, shelter and so on before they are forced, when necessary resources and skills are difficult to find. Transitioners focus on the peaceful and productive aspects of surviving collapse; survivalists on the less peaceful. Which will dominate depends on whether collapse is sudden and severe, or more gradual. Let’s hope for gradual.

[end contest entry]

If I happen to win, then we can see the video at an upcoming Transition Ferndale meeting. And of course, you can enter as well. Just go the the Transition Voice article ( and leave your own comment.

Art Myatt