Transition Ferndale regular meeting, 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, January 21, at the Ferndale Public Library, 222 E. 9 Mile, Ferndale, MI.

Ferndale Freecyclers and Ferndale Time Bank members will tell how you can benefit from and join the online Ferndale Freecycle, Ferndale TimeBank, and more. Ferndale Freecyclers will bring stuff or photos of stuff for you to reuse and keep from landfills. Ferndale TimeBankers will bring Offers and Requests to be exchanged. If this sounds at all interesting, please come to the event and find out more.

You may be able to get some stuff, get rid of some usable stuff, and find some help–all without money. We suspect a lot of what you need already exists in the local community. You might have some underused skills or just some free time, and simultaneously, could use some help around the house or garden, especially if the helpers have some skills that you need to learn. And of course, it’s not just stuff and help, but meeting people and finding out that you have the ability to contribute to building this community while you benefit from it.

Transition Ferndale is about building a sustainable local economy to replace the unreliable – some would say “failing” – money economy. Real wages have been stagnant for decades and have been declining at least since the financial crisis of 2008. That certainly makes the economy unreliable for the great majority who have experienced pay cuts, disappearing jobs, increasing burdens of debt, foreclosures and all the other disruptions of continuing hard times.

The event is free, open to the public. You need not be a member of Transition Ferndale, Ferndale Freecyclers, the Ferndale Time Bank or even a resident of Ferndale to attend. Some light refreshment will be available.

If you can’t attend but would like to know more, or simply have questions, reach Sherry A Wells at 248-543-5297 or