Have you been thinking about putting solar panels on your home? Are you feeling the pressure to act soon, because the 30% federal tax credit is expiring at the end of 2016? Are you a little lost about where to start; how to get your home evaluated to see what will work in Michigan; wondering what suppliers and installers to trust? The Michigan Sierra Club has been woking on exactly these questions, and we’ve come up with some pretty good answers.

The Michigan Chapter is partnering with Michigan Solar Solutions, Solar Winds and McNaughton-McKay Electric Company to help Michigan Sierra Club members and supporters make their homes solar-powered!

The partnership means these carefully vetted, qualified, residential solar-power installers and providers of the highest quality solar products will help move you into the clean energy column. Sign up now to connect with Sierra Club’s partners who will evaluate your home’s solar power capabilities, help you identify financing, and install the solar power systems that work for your home.

In addition, the Michigan Chapter will receive a donation with each home installed, furthering our ability to protect our state’s environment. Michigan Sierra Club members and supporters who participate in the Sierra Club Solar Partnership will be able to work with our partners to choose from great packages or customized installations, including some discounted prices, for those who participate in the program.

“Sierra Club members have been among the most important advocates for clean energy in our state,” said Anne Woiwode, Michigan Chapter Conservation Director. “Now we are excited to offer our Sierra Club members and supporters a way to move their own homes towards that clean energy future as well!”

Fill out our Solar Partnership survey ( CLICK HERE FOR FORM ) to learn more about the Sierra Club Solar Partnership and whether your home is right for solar! Also look for announcements about upcoming Sierra Club meetings, webinars and additional information about the program.